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Difference Between Norms and Values with examples

Difference Between Norms and Values
Difference Between Norms and Values
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What are the differences between norms and values? What do you know about norms versus values? Do you want to understand the difference between norms and values?

In this article, we explain the norms and values. We hope you find this article interesting, share it with your friends, and enjoy reading it.

norms definition and examples

Norms are behaviors that many people in a society accept. They are a way to predict things and some behaviors. In a community, to find a way to get rid of unpredictable behaviors, people have created social norms and are committed to doing so. Other people in society ignore many people who are indifferent to observing social norms. However, remember not to confuse norms with rules.

A community authority passes codified laws, but people in the community and customs create norms.

The courts and the law will punish those who break the law, but there is no specific punishment for social norms. Instead, if individuals repeat the norm, other members of society will reject them.

Norms are a set of verbal behaviors.

But some people are indifferent to the observance of certain norms. They even humiliate or ridicule those who take social norms.

Difference Between Norms and Values and thinking about values
Difference Between Norms and Values and thinking about values

Check values and Norms

We have all experienced life in a community, and we know that paying attention to customs is vital for living peacefully with people. Paying attention to values ​​is also essential in life. There are values ​​in every society. Do you know how people learn most values? Elders, parents, teachers, and religious books teach values to members of the community.

Of course, personal beliefs also determine values. If we want to explain beliefs, we must say that beliefs have more cultural and religious aspects.

Some values exist globally in many cultures, including compassion, honesty, friendship, affection, love, sex, etc.

If you have a strong belief system, you can handle difficult life situations more easily.

When we talk about values, we can use the example of obedience to elders. Respect for adults is a good value, and teenagers should know about this value.

Although obedience to elders is a value, it is also a norm, and we must adhere to this social norm.

For example, students’ respect for teachers in all different societies and cultures is both a value and a norm in many countries.

We may be confused when examining norms and values. This confusion is widespread because it is not easy to distinguish between the two in society. After all, values and norms are very similar and are inherent in each other.

Norms are do’s and don’ts in social behaviors people should follow, strive to do, and recognize. Values ​​are beliefs about what is good, correct, or wrong. Of course, there are other differences between norms and values ​​that we will address in this article.

Difference Between Norms and Values

Values = basic ideals

Values ​​are the essential ideas or ideals of an individual in a society. Values ​​often act as motivation to do different things. But norms are laws that aim to guide action in the community.

Values are general, and norms are specific

One of the main differences between value and norm is that values ​​are general and refer to an available ideal. But norms are specific and refer to doing or not doing certain things.

Difference Between Norms and Values and personal values
Difference Between Norms and Values and personal values

Values determine norms

Values ​​play an important role in setting norms. Norms generally refer to underlying values. So to justify a norm, we can refer to the value within that norm.

Shifting the concept of value and norm

In many scientific studies, we see that the concepts of values are used instead of norms, and vice versa. But the distinction between the two concepts is critical.

Values are public ideals in society. Values are at the heart of norms, and we can say that values are the rules that will lead to action.

The values of individuals and communities show how important things are. Norms can be considered a path that will allow us to realize values. If we ignore the core values, the laws will no longer be justifiable.

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Difference Between Norms and Values and how to behave
Difference Between Norms and Values and how to behave

An example of understanding the concept of value.

Pay attention to this point so that you can understand the concept of the value and know the difference between norms and values.

It will no longer be your values if someone can take what you want from them. Check out this example to better understand the difference between norms and values.

Freedom of expression is precious and good; many people accept it and want it. You may even think that freedom of expression is valuable. However, if you live in an oppressive government, you are deprived of this right to freedom of expression, so you can no longer claim that freedom of expression is one of your values.

You can only say that this is what I value.

In contrast to freedom of expression, honesty is a typical value among different cultures. You can be honest, or you can lie to people. If you choose to be honest, you will live in a society based on the value of honesty, and no one can take that away from you and deprive you of your honesty.

Other Differences Between Norms and Values

As we have said, norms are behaviors that society accepts. But values are principles that one person believes in and another may not accept.

Also, the difference between norms and values is that norms may be different in different societies. But values vary from person to person.

The other difference between norms and values is this, a person learns norms from the outside, but values are created in people’s minds and are internal.

Norms are specific guidelines for behaving in society, but values indirectly guide the individual.

Difference Between Norms and Values and Behavior Based on Values
Difference Between Norms and Values and Behavior Based on Values


In this article, we examined the difference between norms and values and tried to make it understandable for you by giving examples. Thank you for being with us, and we hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please tell us your thoughts.


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