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The story of god creation

When we begin to read the story of creation in the first chapter of the Bible, we will see these words:

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (NIV) This sentence summarizes the drama that was about to unfold.

When we search religious books and read the god creation story, the earth was initially shapeless, empty, and dark. But the Spirit of God moved the waters and made them ripple.

With His great power, God was able to prepare the seas for the life of various beings. In general, the story of God’s creation consists of seven days, and when we read the story of each day, we realize God’s creation for the creation of beings.

When we read the book of Genesis, in the first chapter, we will get acquainted with the two main characters of the Bible, both God and man. According to one of the most famous writers, Jane Edwards, these two important characters in a drama story are called “Divine Love.” By reading the first chapter of the Bible, it is as if we are meeting God.

He is the creator of the ability to create everything in this world. He created all the stages of creating the earth, sky, and beings in between with love.

God's Creation Story

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Nature and creation of God

We must constantly remind ourselves that we are part of God’s creation. We must strive so that the cycle of nature can proceed correctly and that God’s creation does not suffer. Humans and everything in nature is precious to God. God created all creatures with love, so he always loves his creatures.

At crystalthinker we will write about various topics about God’s creation and the verses in the Bible about God’s creation. Since many people love nature, we will also create nature and offer solutions to preserve nature as best we can.

We will publish the story of creation for you in 7 days. We also publish articles on the day when God created darkness, light, sky, earth, and water so that you can enjoy reading them.