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Gender norms example | Social norms in 3 critical periods of life

gender norms example
gender norms example
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Have you ever encountered women in society who behave contrary to their gender stereotypes? Have you ever read about gender norms example in books or articles? Did you know that gender stereotypes in education were more common in the past and that girls were not allowed to study in most countries?

Do you think that assertiveness is only for men? If you see a very decisive woman, do you think they are less lovable? There are 10 examples of traditional gender roles, even more than 10. Do you know them? What role do women play in society? Are you familiar with female gender roles?

What about men? What do you think when you see an emotional man? Do you believe that all people, whether men, women, or even children, should adhere to social norms? Is it okay if they seek to change gender stereotypes or social norms?

If you want to know more about what are gender stereotypes and how they influence them, read this article in full.

Social norms and gender stereotypes

You must have read examples of gender stereotypes in society. we have learned from childhood to respect and strive to respect social norms. People accept many social norms in society, and their observance helps to be orderly and predictable.

Although not as well defined and written as laws, social norms will help a more orderly society.

Many men and women in society try not to be indifferent to social norms, and many of them even care about gender stereotypes. They do not seek to break social norms because people living in different societies have learned that it is essential to follow gender stereotypes. There are also breaking gender norms examples, and we can refer to the 1920s event.

gender norms example at work
gender norms example at work

Research shows that even if men do not adhere to male gender stereotypes, they will experience adverse reactions in society or in groups.

gender norms example and the great importance of gender stereotypes

It is essential to know about gender roles and stereotypes. There are many examples, and some sources even refer to boy stereotypes list. Social norms are always on people’s minds, and there are many gender roles examples for masculine and feminine.

There are many gender norms example, and you are probably familiar with many of them and you know that in the society and country where you live, there are some expectations from men and some women.

But always keep in mind that gender norms example and the extreme importance of gender stereotypes are inappropriate and can cause many problems. Even breaking social norms or ignoring them is not bad in most cases because it can prevent some problems.

Here are the gender norms example to understand why you should not pay too much attention to gender stereotypes.

In most societies and countries, men have become so social that they do not ask for help. They see asking others for help as a weakness or vulnerability. However, these gender stereotypes formed in societies and groups are very wrong and have many consequences.

gender norms example in women's groups
gender norms example in women’s groups

Studies and research on gender stereotypes

Many studies and researches were conducted in 2015 and showed that when male leaders ask for help, their competence, ability, and self-confidence are damaged.

That is a misconception because not seeking help when one needs it leads to more mistakes and can even hinder the progress and development of a group or organization’s goals.

gender norms example in different periods of life in different countries



  • Playing girls with dolls
  • Red and pink for girls
  • Girls’ interest in cosmetics
gender norms example and baby girl
gender norms example and baby girl


  • Boys play with trucks
  • Blue and green for boys
  • Boys’ interest in toolboxes
gender norms example and baby boy
gender norms example and baby boy

Education and adolescence


  • success in reading and art
  • Beauty and attention to fitness
  • Calm and patient behavior


  • success in Math and Science
  • Decisive Behavior
  • Exercise boys and do martial arts
  • Prove masculinity by expressing violence and aggression
gender norms example and studying
gender norms example and studying

As an adult


  • Problems with a woman if she is not pregnant
  • Lack of confidence in women to do their job
  • Women natural breeders
  • No need for equal pay
  • Financial support from the spouse
  • Being considered a lesbian is a woman who has less feminine features
  • Commitment to the job if you do not have children
  • Take leave to care for children or the elderly
  • Excessively emotional women during pregnancy


  • Men are natural leaders
  • No need to be supported

gender norms example and its comparison for women and men

Show empathy

Empathy is one of the most important emotions we face in life. This feeling is also essential in work and a job, and leaders always use empathy to make leadership more effective.

Empathy in women

Are women known as emotional people in the country where you live?

That makes women more expected to empathize. Because women play the role of mothers in society, they must learn empathy skills better than men. If learning empathy skills is necessary for all people. But the existing social norms for women in society show that empathy is a must, but it is only a desirable characteristic for men. So we conclude that showing empathy is a must for everyone, not just women.

gender norms example and Empathy in women
gender norms example and Empathy in women

A study on empathy in women

A recent study on empathy for women and its impact on a business found that female leaders were less likely to be at risk of career diversion if they mastered empathy skills.

Lack of empathy and creating multiple problems

  • Problems in interpersonal relationships
  • Difficulty in developing and leading teams
  • Difficulty making changes and adapting to them
  • Disrupt common goals and objectives
  • Minimal performance

Show discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Suppose you are interested in studying and recognizing social norms in different societies and countries. In that case, you should know that American men are mostly Stoic and have become socialized in this way. Research shows that men express minor discomfort in the workplace because existing social norms prevent them from expressing such feelings.

In 2017, a study showed that other co-workers consider him emotional and weak if a man cries at work.

Do gender stereotypes hurt us?

Gender stereotypes come to mind when we talk about social norms. We learned many social norms in childhood. Gender stereotypes influence people’s opinions and decisions, so they can often hurt us so much that even our profession or occupation is in trouble.

The discrimination we often face in the workplace stems from gender stereotypes. Unfortunately, anti-discrimination laws and any existing rules of conduct cannot wholly prevent discrimination. Because most of the time, you can not correctly tell if your boss is consciously or unconsciously examining the criteria. In this way, gender stereotypes affect the success of your career, and you can not complain about this problem.

gender norms example and problems
gender norms example and problems


In this article, we explained gender norms examples and other similar topics such as Social norms and gender stereotypes. We hope you enjoy reading this article. We publish short educational materials on various social networks such as Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also follow us on Facebook. If you liked reading this article, leave us a comment and share this article with your other friends. We are glad that you are with us.


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