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Canadian social norms and values examples

social norms in Canada
social norms in Canada
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Due to the importance of understanding social norms, we have written articles on this website to introduce social norms in America, China, and other societies. Therefore, we decided to write an essay about social norms in Canada that will help you communicate better with local people in this country.

Compliance with social norms is essential, and their importance is undeniable. So, in the rest of this article, we will discuss the most critical topics, such as Canadian values vs. American values and Canadian social norms and values examples. Please share this article with your friends so they can better understand social norms in Canada.

Canadian values vs. American values

Canadians think that social norms in Canada differ from those in the United States. But Americans don’t see much difference between Canadian and American social norm and values because they believe these two countries have common borders and cultures.

Now we will continue to examine Canadian and American values to find out if there are similarities or differences.

1. Communications (canadian social norms )

Canadians are the most lovable people, and you probably know how lovely they are because the country is known for its good communication skills. They often say, “I’m sorry.” Sometimes there is no need to apologize.

To compare the communication between Canadians and Americans, we should refer to a scientific study conducted by linguists at McMaster University in Ontario. In this research, the researchers found that Canadians use words like “great,” “amazing,” and “beautiful” more during conversation.

  But most Americans use words like “tired,” “hurt,” and “annoying” in their daily conversation or virtual networks. The study also found that residents of the United States use more swear words in their speech than Canadians.

2. Houses

Canadians usually live in smaller houses. But American places are more significant, and it is interesting to know that the residents of the United States believe that “the more, the better.” For Americans, having big houses is valuable.

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social norms in Canada and family
social norms in Canada and family

3. Liberal values

Politically, Canadians consider themselves more liberal than Americans, and this is valuable to them.

In Canada, there is no ban on abortion, and marijuana is legal. Research shows that people who are LGBT have more substantial rights than America.

It is also interesting to know that in July 2005, Canada passed a law that allowed same-sex marriage in this country. This law was allowed ten years later in the United States, and Canadians are glad to have done it first and see it as valuable.

Cultural differences between us and Canada in business

Suppose you are immigrating to Canada to work and want to know more about social norms in Canada. In that case, we ask you to pay more attention to this article section to learn the cultural differences between us and Canada in business.

Work hard

Americans seem to work harder than Canadians. Canadians have the opportunity to use 2-3 weeks of vacation after working for a year in a company. Also, Canadian employees take a 30-minute break every five working hours.

The amount of rest

By studying Canadian labor law, you will find the working conditions and the amount of rest and vacation. But in America, the conditions are different, and the amount of rest or relaxation is according to the employer.

Americans also rest during workdays and holidays, but less because they don’t want to be known as an irresponsible person.

The number of working hours

According to American belief, if you work 50 hours a week, you deserve to be respected and paid. But Canadians prefer to work 40 hours a week. This way, they will have more time to spend with their family.

Business meetings

Americans prefer to deal only with important business matters in their business meetings because time is an essential value for them.

They will prevent any conversation that is off the topic of the meeting.

Americans avoid wasting time in their business meetings. Business meetings are usually brainstorming in America.

But Canadians care more about relationships and politeness and don’t try to avoid wasting time in business meetings. Respecting politeness and building good relationships is a social norm in Canada.

social norms in Canada and business meetings
social norms in Canada and business meetings

Canadian social norms and values examples

If you want to get to know Canada’s social norms and standards in general, you should know that it is essential to pay attention to the social behaviors and customs we introduce below.

Waiting in line

Waiting in line is a social norm in Canada. After not respecting your turn, avoid queuing and wait for your kindness.

Don’t smoke indoors or in vehicles.

Canadians usually don’t smoke. So remember, smoking indoors or in vehicles is not okay and is against Canadian social norms.

Being on time

Being on time is vital to Canadians, and if a person does not care about this issue, they consider him antisocial and breaking norms. So, in order not to become an unloved person in Canada, always show up on time for your work appointments.

In addition to work appointments, it is frowned upon in Canada for people to be late for school or work.

social norms in Canada and being on time
social norms in Canada and being on time

Respect the environment

Respect the environment. As someone living in Canada, you should avoid littering in inappropriate places. Canada recycles items such as paper, cans, and plastic bottles. The purpose of this work is to reuse them and prevent excessive waste production.

Do not haggle

If you haggle to buy something in Canada, you’re behaving like someone who doesn’t care about social norms in Canada. So don’t haggle even when purchasing a car or a house because bargaining is not customary in this country.

What is Canadian culture and identity?

Canada is a multicultural society.

Canada has many health care institutions, making it one of the top countries regarding rights and freedom.

You must also know that the national flag and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada represent the identity of this country.

After these, the Canadian national anthem and ice hockey are symbols of Canadian identity. (Gwyn, 2008)

Regarding the identity and culture of Canada, you should know that this community is the embodiment of art, cuisine, literature, humor, music, politics, and society.

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Many famous people in these fields are Canadians. European culture and traditions played an essential role in forming Canadian culture in the past. Did you know that the culture of the English and French and other indigenous cultures created a unique identity and culture in Canada? So we can say that the culture of Canada is the result of the culture of several different societies.

Traders were among the people who played an essential role in Canada’s early development of culture and social norms. Among other influential factors in forming Canada’s identity and culture, we can mention its unique geography, climate, and cultural structure.

social norms in Canada and social identity
social norms in Canada and social identity

As you know, Canada is a country with a cold climate and the long winter nights are perfect for doing unique recreational activities. Ice hockey and some sports activities and games in this country have given a unique identity to Canada. (Blad, 2011)

Conclusion of canadian culture and social norm

In this article, we explained social norms in Canada. We also wrote exciting points for you about the culture and identity of Canada and the reason for its development and progress. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and now know more about social norms in Canada than before.

If your friends or family are planning to travel or immigrate to Canada, it is better to share this article with them. The more they know about social norms in Canada, the better their experience in this country will be.


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