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Egyptian makeup history and ancient egyptian makeup

ancient egyptian makeup facts
ancient egyptian makeup facts
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The Egyptians cared a lot about beauty, but they had different views on makeup, which we will introduce to ancient egyptian makeup in the rest of this article. this article is part of our ancient egyptian makeup list we suggest you take a look at them before reading this article.

Beauty and aesthetics are always exciting for ladies and gentlemen and even children. Everyone likes to see beautiful accessories in their surroundings. That’s why they care about the interior decoration of their home or workplace. 

who wore makeup first man or woman

Many people want to enjoy their beauty by looking at themselves in the mirror and even increasing their beauty. Some women consider makeup to be essential for their femininity.

For this reason, women often turn to makeup and want to beautify themselves in this way. Of course, today, apart from cosmetics, we see small and large surgeries performed by women and sometimes men. These surgeries show the importance of beauty for different people.

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Egyptian aristocratic girl with Egyptian makeup
Egyptian aristocratic girl with Egyptian makeup

Ancient egypt makeup history

What do you think makeup was like in ancient Egypt? This article aims to provide you with information about the history of Egyptian makeup. Please stay with us until the end of the article. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

It is interesting to know that the view of the ancient Egyptians make up was beautifully a sign of sanctity. If they used cosmetics, it would be spiritual for them.

who wore makeup in ancient egypt?

It is interesting to know that both men and women wore makeup in ancient Egypt, and the practice of wearing makeup was not limited to women.

Egyptian business people have always sought to sell most cosmetics to the upper classes. If you search the tombs of ancient Egypt, you will probably find traces of cosmetic pallets. Because the ancient Egyptians sometimes buried cosmetics in graves. The practice of burying cosmetics in graves refers to ancient Egypt’s aesthetic, magical and religious purposes and the use of cosmetics.

Egypt eye makeup or ancient egyptian eye make up

If you research Egypt eye makeup , you will find two primary forms of eye makeup. Black kohl is the ancient Egyptians’ primary type of eye makeup.

The ancient Egyptians eye makeup used malachite gree.
Malachite is a pigment made of copper carbonate and black kohl made of natural lead.

They needed a unique mineral to produce dark gray kohl at that time.

Crushed coal had to be used to make this type of kohl. Research conducted years later showed that kohl for intraocular makeup has many benefits for eye health. Kohl protects the eyes against diseases, insects, and sun rays.

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Beautiful young girl's Egyptian style hairstyle
Beautiful young girl’s Egyptian style hairstyle

Ancient egyptian lip makeup

The ancient Egyptians makeup obtained natural and suitable cosmetics for their lips and cheeks by mixing several natural ingredients. They were able to produce a natural lipstick using a mineral salt found in the bed of dry lakes, which is composed of hydrated sodium carbonate and is red.

This mineral salt was a significant ingredient in lipstick and blush. In addition, the Egyptians used northern salt and honey to make lipstick.

Sometimes the Egyptians make up also used colored clay to decorate their lips and cheeks. First, it was necessary to wash the washed clay so that no sand remained in it. The soil was then dried in the sun and then burned. The reason for burning colored clay was that it took on a darker color.

After this process, the Egyptians applied this mineral to their cheeks and lips with a brush. In this way, their faces became more colorful, and they used this method to make up their faces.

Sometimes they added oil or fat to the clay to make a smooth paste, making it easier to use this cosmetic.

Ancient egyptian hairstyles history

The ancient Egyptians used henna paste to dye their hair and nails. Researchers studying Egyptian mummies have found that the ancient Egyptians used henna to shade their nails. Research in Egyptian makeup history reveals that the Egyptians were interested in dyeing their hair and nails.

how did egyptian medicine contributed to the world?

According to the ancient Egyptians, the therapeutic effects of these cosmetics have a magical aspect, and they were surprised to find many benefits in these cosmetics.

One of the advantages of ancient Egyptian cosmetics is that salt and lead were the main elements for making cosmetics. The presence of salt in their cosmetics caused the body of the ancient Egyptians to produce more nitric oxide.

A girl with Egyptian make-up and jewelry
A girl with Egyptian make-up and jewelry

It might be interesting for you to know the properties of nitric oxide in the body. You should know that nitric oxide helps fight pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, research has shown that the ancient Egyptians were less prone to diseases or infections. 

Ancient egyptian makeup palette

Perhaps the question has arisen in your mind: What utensils did the ancient Egyptians use for their cosmetics? For example, where did they put ground kohl or blush and lipstick?

According to researchers, the first examples of Egyptian cosmetics were rectangular and dated back to 5000 BC. 

After a while, cosmetic pallets became rounder. 

Later, the Egyptians provided fish-shaped pallets to store cosmetics. They may have chosen the shape of a fish for their cosmetics for various reasons. Because the fish is a symbol of resurrection and new life.

Fish-shaped cosmetic pallets were usually decorated with precious stones and delivered to the king.

Ancient egyptian makeup social classes

Note that cosmetics in ancient Egypt make up varied slightly between social types. Although makeup generally had a religious aspect to the Egyptians, the upper class typically wore more makeup.

Because people were wealthier and could buy more and better cosmetics, it is interesting to know that there was no significant difference between the upstairs and downstairs makeup styles.

Aristocratic women tried to use special creams and powders to remove the pallor of their skin.

Tanning girl with Egyptian makeup
Tanning girl with Egyptian makeup

Dark skin in the ancient Egyptians also indicated that they belonged to the lower classes of society. They had to work long hours in the sun to make a living. So their skin color was tanned. While pale skin can be considered a sign of Egyptian aristocracy.

Egyptian makeup ideas

One of the Egyptian makeup ideas is Cleopatra’s makeup style. We will explain how you can do these ideas if you also love ancient Egypt. Egyptian eye makeup is associated with colorful and dark lines; sometimes, they use black lipstick. This type of makeup style will be magnificent with a golden crown and accessories.

If you are trying to make your Egyptian makeup look like Cleopatra, it is better to wear a black wig and draw thick eyeliner. Of course, Egyptian makeup ideas are not only black and gold. In the following, we will introduce the most used colors in the make up of Egyptians.

Different colors, different uses in egypt make up

Black egypt makeup

Ancient Egyptians used black for their eyes’ beauty and brightness.

Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas

Red egypt makeup

Ancient Egyptians make up used red ocher powder and water to make up lips and cheeks.

Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas

Henna makeup egypt

Egyptians used henna to make their hair look more beautiful. Of course, henna in ancient Egyptian makeup had other uses, such as painting nails yellow and orange and for hand tattoos.

Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas

egypt Make up and wear beautiful clothes

Egyptians always enjoyed making up their faces in a fancy way. Many Egyptians had access to a fantastic cosmetics collection and were always trying to gain experience in the most beautiful cosmetic procedures.

It was not just make-up that was important to the Egyptians. In ancient times, in addition to make-up, they also cared about wearing beautiful clothes, and their clothes and cosmetics should be as beautiful as possible.

Egyptian makeup ideas
Egyptian makeup ideas

The importance of makeup in every social class

We said that in ancient Egypt, makeup was essential, and the Egyptians had various purposes for makeup.

Applying makeup was sometimes to beautify the appearance, sometimes to worship the gods, and sometimes to protect the skin from the intense sun.

Egyptian men and women used different cosmetics. They had created other classes and categories of makeup. Each social class went to cosmetics for specific purposes and put on makeup. Each type of makeup had special social norms.

Conclusion about ancient egypt makeup

We have explained Egyptian makeup history in this article, and we hope it has attracted your attention. We also needed to explain the importance of makeup in Egypt and its purpose. 

We also mentioned the arrangement of aristocratic people and the lower classes of society and gave an interesting explanation about how the ancient Egyptians made cosmetics. We hope you follow us on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and share your opinions.


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