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God’s creation 7 days | world in 7 days | 7 days of creation

God's creation 7 days
God's creation 7 days
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If you want to know about the seven days of creation and how to interpret it, you should read well with the discussions on this subject. Whether the world came into being in 6 24-hour days has always been debated in the Christian church. If you read Genesis, you will find that there are divine messages in the early chapters, but there are no specific scientific claims about the creation of the universe in 6 or 7 days. We will explain God’s creation 7 days and its different perspectives so that you can become more familiar with it.

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Did God’s creation happen in six 24-hour days?

The variety and complexity of the premodern views on God’s creation and the creation of the universe remind us that the best interpretation does not refer to the six 24-hour days.

All Christians believe that in Genesis 1, everything is a creation of God and that God called the creation of the world a good thing.

The book of Genesis, like all other holy books, is authentic and contains the inspired Word. The question is always asked whether God created the world in 6 or 7 days, 24 hours or not?

God’s creation 7 days and literary view

We must say that the literary view takes precedence over the calendar view to answer this question.

calendar view

According to the calendar view, in Genesis 1, a historical narrative means modern journalism.

historical narrative

In this historical narrative, we see this repetitive formula. “It was night, and it was morning – the days are constantly repeated, and so it refers to God’s creation in six days. This six-day course is 24 hours.

Based on this, we can conclude that according to the information provided in the genealogies of the Bible, the creation of God took place in 6 days.

Most adherents believe that God created the material world in a typical week.

Contrary to this view, some people adhere to everyday life, arguing that each day represents an extended period.

These days may even coincide with millions of years. Others prefer a literary perspective.

Of course, there is another view known as the analogy view. This view is another literary approach.

deductive point of view

From a deductive point of view, it means a kind of comparison, and the writer or poet compares a typical working week with a week of God’s creation when describing God’s creation. The poets in this view do not intend to say that God must have created everything in six days. Instead, they use it as a kind of analogy.

In general, we tried to introduce you to the calendar day, day-age, and literary. But in general, there is a great deal of variety in these views on God’s creation 7 days, and researchers classify them in different ways. However, all Christians accept the ultimate sovereignty of God and the goodness of creation, although they may have differing views about God’s creation and its days.

Two fingers point to the light in the center.
Two fingers point to the light in the center.

story of the Babylonian creation Enuma Elish

In the following, we will introduce you to the story of the Babylonian creation Enuma Elish. In this story, we find out that Marduk, the god of storms, made heaven and earth from the body of the goddess Tiamat. The goddess Tiamat is someone who has just lost the war.

 In Genesis, on the other hand, there is a God who created the world in a certain amount of time. God’s creation is a generous act accompanied by love.

God’s creation represents a good world in which humans and other beings can continue to grow and prosper.

But in the story of Babylonian creation, Marduk uses the blood of Tiamat’s wife to create human beings. His purpose in creating human beings is for humans to serve the gods.

But God’s purpose in creating humankind, as mentioned in Genesis, is to rule the earth and represent God on earth.

God peacefully created human beings and has placed many of His attributes in Him.

Description of God’s creation in 7 days

God’s creation is in the Bible, and we will explain God’s creation in 7 days.

In the beginning, God gave priority to the creation of the heavens and the earth. The ground was shapeless and empty, and everything was dark, and there was no light.

The Spirit of God moved on the waters, and God created the light and said let there be light. In this way, God created light.

On the first day of God’s creation, God created night and day for seven days.

Thus he called the light day and darkness night, and God’s creation included the creation of the night and the morning of the first day.

Sunset and a man by the tree
Sunset and a man by the tree

On the second day, God created the heavens and the seas. 

God placed a constellation between the waters to separate the waters in making the seas.

God’s creation 7 days and the story of the third day

God grew grass and plants on the earth. He created seed plants and other plants, and fruit trees on this day. Each plant and seed had its fruit, and they gradually grew on the ground.

Green trees next to the big mountain
Green trees next to the big mountain

The fourth day of the creation of the stars, the sun, and the moon

On the fourth day, which is one of the most important days during God’s 7 days, God created the sun and the moon to have lights in the sky. With this method, the separation of day and night began.

The creation of the sun and the moon were signs of changing seasons and days and years. God created the more excellent light to illuminate the day and the lesser light to illuminate the night. He also created the stars so that the sky would be bright.

Creation of sea creatures and birds on day 5 of God’s creation 7 days

God decided to place moving and living beings in the water on this day. So on this day, he created sea creatures and decided to put birds above the earth, that is, in the sky. So God created the birds.

The creation of man on the sixth day of God’s creation 7 days

In the previous days, God created birds and animals and placed animals of both males and females on the earth.

On the sixth day of creation, God created man in His image and likeness. He wanted humans to be superior to sea fish, sky birds, and cattle. So he made him in such a way that he could dominate the whole earth and all.

God rest on the seventh day of God’s creation 7 days.

On the seventh day of God’s creation 7 days, God finished the world’s creation and rested on this day.


This article described God’s creation 7 days and tried to examine the duration of God’s creation from different perspectives. We hope you enjoy reading this article.


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