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Tibetan bowl (health benefits and how to play it)

Golden Tibetan bowl on purple carpet
Golden Tibetan bowl on purple carpet
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What is a Tibetan Bowl? Have you ever seen a Tibetan bowl up close? Did you hear it while playing? Do you know what the use of a Tibetan bowl is? In this article, you will get good information about the Tibetan bowl.

The Tibetan bowl is a bell that vibrates when played and produces a rich, deep sound.

The Tibetan bowl is also known as the singing bowl or the Himalayan bowl. The Tibetan Singing Bowl calms humans and offers powerful healing properties that will surprise you if you know.

Who uses the Tibetan bowl?

Buddhist monks have used Tibetan bowls in meditation since ancient times. In addition, some physicians and others, such as music therapists, massage therapists, and yoga therapists, use Tibetan bowls during treatment and take advantage of its excellent features for patients and others.

Make Tibetan bowls in different sizes. They are available in different diameters, from a few centimeters to one meter. They are from a few centimeters to one meter in diameter. You often have to tap to play these bowls. But some of them are called Tibetan singing bowls, and they may need a hammer to play. When using a Tibetan bowl, people use a sledgehammer to pull around the outer edge. Constantly pulling the sledgehammer to the outer edge of the Tibetan bowl plays lasting and beautiful music.

Tibetan bowls next to each other on the table.
Tibetan bowls next to each other on the table.

Tibetan bowls play an essential role in some Buddhist religious practices. They use Tibetan bowls when Buddhists gather together to meditate and sing hymns.

Today, Tibetan bowls are not limited to Buddhist ceremonies. Instead, Tibetan bowls make music, meditate, and personal spirituality.

People who are music therapists or practicing yoga love Tibetan bowls and the sound they hear while playing them, and these bowls are becoming more and more popular among the general public.

How does a Tibetan bowl work?

We will introduce you to how the Tibetan bowl works in the following. Knowing such information will help you make better decisions about preparing it for yourself or giving it to others.

The Tibetan bowl creates vibrations that affect the mind and bodies of people.

The sounds made by the bowls affect the brain waves and induce a sense of calm in people.

The psychological effects and benefits of hearing the sound of a Tibetan bowl are similar to listening to music in the mind and body.

Tibetan bowl played by a woman in the middle of the room.
Tibetan bowl played by a woman in the middle of the room.

Tibetan bowl and its benefits

Tibetan bowls have always been considered and used from the past to the present. But there are very few scientific studies on the potential benefits of Tibetan bowls. But various evidence and experiments report that hearing the sound of a Tibetan bowl playing helps people feel more relaxed.

Here are some uses for bowl therapy.

Reducing stress

One of the primary uses of the Tibetan bowl is to reduce stress and is used to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety (Goldsby et al., 2016).

Better sleep

Hearing the sound of Tibetan bowls gives you more peace of mind and reduces anxiety and stress; As a result, we can say that it is also helpful in improving your sleep. But scientific research has not yet proven this, and if researchers do more research in this area, we can comment on this issue with more certainty.

Buddhist woman playing Tibetan bowl
Buddhist woman playing Tibetan bowl

Lower blood pressure

 In 2014, the American Journal of Health published a preliminary study on using Tibetan bowls and hearing their sound and lowering blood pressure. This experiment evaluated the benefits of starting a direct relaxation session by playing a Tibetan bowl for 12 minutes. The test showed that systolic blood pressure and heart rate were lower in people who heard the sound of a Tibetan bowl(Landry, 2014).

Reduce depression

There are always studies on hearing the sound of a Tibetan bowl in improving mood. This study shows that hearing the sound of a Tibetan bowl reduces depression. If someone around you suffers from depression, you can use this low-cost solution to help reduce that person’s depressive symptoms.

Improve the immune system

Some research shows that hearing the sound of a Tibetan bowl can stimulate the immune system and make beneficial changes in your brain waves.

Reduce pain

Another study of Tibetan bowl sounds in patients with chronic spinal pain showed that people exposed to Tibetan bowel sounds had less pain and less stress (Wepner et al., 2008).

A small golden Tibetan bowl in a woman's hands
A small golden Tibetan bowl in a woman’s hands

Balancing the body

Many fans and enthusiasts of the Tibetan bowl sound say that the vibrations that reach the human ear when playing a Tibetan bowl can coordinate the body’s cells and create the desired balance and beneficial changes in the body’s energy system.

Use as other treatments.

Some people are satisfied with hearing and playing the sound of a Tibetan bowl and their other treatments and use this bowl along with other therapies such as meditation and deep breathing.

How to play Tibetan bowl

Musically, Tibetan bowls are a kind of bell.

These bowls are usually hollow objects whose maximum vibration is around the edges of the bowl. But the maximum vibration of the gong is towards the center (Sadie, 1984).

If you are careful, you will notice that large Tibetan bowls are usually placed on a pillow not to disturb the edge and vibrate freely. They also gently hold small Tibetan bowls in their hands and begin to play with them (K. 2008).

Golden Tibetan bowl in the hands of a man in a yellow suit
Golden Tibetan bowl in the hands of a man in a yellow suit


This article introduces you to the Tibetan bowl and its benefits to human health. The effect of this bowl and hearing its beautiful sound when played is undeniable. Numerous studies have substantiated this claim. If you are prone to high blood pressure and mental health problems such as depression, in addition to taking your medication regularly, be sure to get a Tibetan bowl and use its beautiful sound to achieve more relaxation.

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