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Why am I never satisfied with life + 6 positive examples & solutions!

never satisfied
never satisfied
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Why am I never satisfied with life? Why can’t I be happy? Why am I satisfied with my job, field of study, body, and family or friends? What purpose am I looking for? What do social norms expect from me? Finding answers to these questions is essential, and in this article, we will discuss never satisfied psychology, never satisfied my partner, and two never satisfied personality types. We will help you with various examples and solutions.

Why am i never satisfied with myself?

Why do we always feel dissatisfied with ourselves? We live in the safest, healthiest, and most democratic period in history. Many people oblige themselves to comply with social norms, while others try to break unhelpful social norms.

Many people research the social norms in a particular community or country before immigrating. However, every day we see people who still feel disappointed or indifferent towards their jobs despite trying to achieve their personal or work goals. There are many reasons to answer why I am never satisfied with myself.

Always remember that dissatisfaction with yourself is not a sign of failure. So if you are unhappy with life, it does not mean you are a failure. Being dissatisfied with life and our actions is normal and will cause us to progress.

In a situation of dissatisfaction with yourself, it will be a way to discover new and meaningful opportunities in your life.

The following solutions will help you find the reason for never being satisfied.

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never satisfied with personal goals
never satisfied with personal goals

1. Find the reason for your dissatisfaction.

Ask yourself if my dissatisfaction is due to comparing myself with others. If you constantly compare yourself to your friends or family, it is best to avoid this.

Comparing your achievements with others will not help you. So set specific goals for yourself and plan to achieve those goals.

2. Keep your expectations low.

If you are unhappy with yourself, you probably have too many expectations. You should always try and be on the path to success and reach your goals. But it would help if you did not raise your expectations by setting difficult and unattainable goals. Because in this case, you will not reach your goals and will feel bad about yourself.

Why am I never satisfied with my partner?

Why am I never satisfied with my partner? To answer this question, you have to consider various things. If your relationship with your partner is in trouble, you should try to find out the problem before taking action.

We express the main problems that cause never satisfied. Maybe you can find the answer to why I am never satisfied with my partner by reading this part of the article.

1. Feeling unloved

Both people in a relationship may feel unlovable. Thus, they may want to end their relationship because of these feelings.

In such a situation, you should not take action to end the relationship, but you should raise your concerns with your partner.

Perhaps in many societies and social norms, it is not appropriate to ask whether you are a lovable person or not. You must also learn to love yourself alone. Until you love yourself, others cannot love you.

never satisfied with the partner
never satisfied with the partner

2. Fear of being alone

Are you constantly worried that your good relationship will end with an argument? Can you feel happy in such a relationship?

The fear of being alone weakens a romantic relationship. So the best option is to focus on the present and enjoy being together. Learning some techniques is suitable for concentration, and you can get rid of never satisfied your life partner’s feelings by putting your phone away and paying full attention to your partner.

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Never Satisfied After Eating

Do you always ask yourself, why am I never satisfied with my body? Is your goal to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise? Do you constantly control yourself against eating more than the allowed calories?

Many people feel hungry after eating and want to absorb more calories. As you know, this behavior is against the goal of losing weight.

soloution for never satisfied after food

The following tips will help reduce the feeling of never being satisfied after eating, and you can achieve peace in the field of eating.

never satisfied with eating
never satisfied with eating

1. Hydrate the body

The body’s lack of hydration causes, most of the time, the feeling of weakness. Many people feel they need more food during their diet when they need more water. When you drink a glass of water, your stomach will be complete, and you will feel less hungry.

2. Eat protein-rich foods

Protein will make you feel fuller than other nutrients. So if you are one of the people who are never satisfied after eating, make sure to include protein in your diet.

Consuming foods full of protein will help you have better muscle mass. So be sure to consume protein after exercising to avoid feeling unsatisfied after eating.

Never satisfied psychology

Do you remember the achievements of three months ago? Probably not. Many people are unsatisfied with themselves because they forget all their accomplishments and constantly compare their lives and achievements with others. Many researchers are trying to answer how the excellent feeling of success often fades so quickly.

Researchers have found that a feeling of satisfaction is not helpful for many people because some people when they feel satisfied with their work or life, will not make efforts to improve in that field. The dissatisfaction in such people is helpful because they will face different and meaningful opportunities.

From the point of view of psychology, some factors will cause people’s satisfaction to be temporary: these factors are:

  • Boredom
  • Negativity bias
  • Rumination
  • hedonic adaptation

boredom symptoms

Psychological studies show that some people hate being alone with their thoughts. For this reason, they prefer to do some work, even harmful activities.

negativity bias psychology

People pay more attention to negative events than positive ones in this psychological approach. It is interesting to know that even babies start showing signs of negativity bias from seven months of age. So negative bias can be considered an inherent characteristic. This feature refers to never-satisfied psychology.

rumination psychology

You have probably encountered rumination. In this situation, the person passively compares the current situation with some unattainable standards. In such a situation, he constantly asks himself, why can’t I do things better?

hedonic adaptation psychology

This never-satisfied psychology is the tendency to quickly return to the initial level of life satisfaction regardless of what we have experienced.

Sometimes you think that the existence of some events in our life makes us happier, when it is not so, or at least not for a long time, and has a short-term effect.

According to David Myers in The Pursuit of Happiness, “Every pleasant experience and passionate love, or the attainment of a spiritual climax, or the joy of acquiring a new possession, is a temporary exhilaration and success.”

2 personality types never satisfied

What personality types do you think are never satisfied? Which personality type do the social norms in the society like the most? Next, we introduce Never Satisfied Personalities and their characteristics.

When we are in the last moments of life and waiting for the time of death, we review our life and tend to be satisfied with the quality of our life in those moments and not regret it.

Each person’s goals and dreams are unique. Some people have a specific purpose and plan throughout their life and work hard to achieve those goals.

What people feel satisfied with their lives? Research results show that social extroverts are more likely to feel more confident in their lives.

1. Personality type: continuous improvement

People with Constant Improvers personality types always want to improve their personal and work life.

For this reason, most of them have a confused identity and are upset about having less self-confidence than others. They constantly question themselves.

The constant effort to improve will create a kind of restlessness and dissatisfaction in them. Continuous improvement types always feel that the quality of their work is not good enough.

never satisfied at work
never satisfied at work

2. Personality type: Analysts

Analysts usually do not express their satisfaction with their lives. The reason for this is their intuitive and thinking characteristics. These people constantly overanalyze their lives. Because of this, they cannot be satisfied with their lives.

Conclusion about dissatisfied with life

This article discusses social norms and some reasons why we are never satisfied with ourselves, our spouse, or our bodies. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave us a comment and tell us if you are satisfied with yourself or not.


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