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Care for God’s creation | Introducing 8 practical methods

Care for God's creation
Care for God's creation
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Care for God’s creation is the responsibility of all people, so all people have duties to God’s creation. We must love the earth and take care of it as much as possible against any harm.

The earth is one of the highest good creatures of God. We live on the land, walk, cultivate on the ground to get food and grow various seeds.

A butterfly sitting on yellow and orange flowers
A butterfly sitting on yellow and orange flowers

Most people have a particular lifestyle based on culture, customs, and social norms. Of course, there is also care for god’s creation importance in the Bible. There is also care for god’s creation bible verse. So, in addition to our personal views, we must follow the Bible in protecting God’s creation.

Science has proven that human activities have caused the extinction of various animal species, and in recent years we have witnessed significant climate change. We must try to do as minor damage to the environment as possible and prevent uninformed people from harming the environment.

Why should we worry about the environment?

Has this question occupied your mind as well? Many people say we are concerned about the dangers of pollution and climate change, or other environmental problems. But you should know that environmental issues are one of the reasons for ecological concerns.

Environmental problems are vital and undeniable. But there is another essential point you should not forget: God created the world, and this world belongs to him, so we should feel more responsible for caring for God’s creation.

Green hills along the river
Green hills along the river

We are the trustees of God’s creation in this world. Every trustee will take care of what is called a trust. Any disregard for God’s creatures is improper, and we must hold ourselves accountable for caring for God’s creation.

There is also a statement in the Bible that the earth and everything belong to God. (Psalm 24: 1). Does this sentence answer why we should be concerned about the environment?

Care for God’s creation and being in love with God

The book Scripture also emphasizes the care of creation. If you are interested in reading Genesis, you can learn more about God’s creation in 7 days and enjoy its stories. According to the teachings of Jesus, it is essential to pay attention to the most important commandments, and to love God must be with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mark 12: 29-31).

To show our love for God, we must do our best to play the role that God has given to humanity.

For God created us to be a sign on earth (Gen 1:27)

God has entrusted us with the world he made (Gen. 2:15), so we have a responsibility to care for God’s creation, and one of the essential things we must do in our lifetime is to care for God’s creation.

Introducing 8 practical methods of Care for God’s creation

In the following, we will introduce you to a different practical way to protect God’s creation. With Care for God’s creation, you will enjoy more peace, and you can enjoy more altruism. People who care about God’s creation are not apathetic.

The sunset is a beautiful sign of God's creation.
The sunset is a beautiful sign of God’s creation.

1. turn off your motorcycle or car

If your stop lasts more than a minute, it is best to turn off your motorcycle or car. Long breaks occur when you unload your children at the school door or greet your neighbors. You may do this unknowingly and not know that keeping your car on for a few more minutes can increase greenhouse gas emissions. These gases pollute the air and cause various respiratory diseases such as asthma.

2. Buy from local artisans and farmers.

Try to buy daily supplies to support and empathize with your local artisans and farmers. In this way, you will succeed in protecting the environment caring for God’s creation. When you buy supplies from farmers or local producers, you help reduce transportation and fuel consumption.

3. Use reusable containers

Try to keep your lunch or dinner left in reusable containers. We do not recommend the use of disposable tableware and foil. If you use reusable containers, you will significantly reduce the volume of your household waste. Because this type of waste will need a lot of space for burial, clean oceans can be enjoyed even more by reducing disposable tableware. Use glass or ceramic cups and utensils at work. If you can not use these containers in your workplace, choose at least recyclable containers that have less harmful effects on the environment.

4. Save water

If you are looking for Care for God’s creation, try to shorten your shower time. You can also significantly improve the environment by shortening your brushing or washing time. We all know the value of healthy water, so it is better to use sprinklers to irrigate plants.

5. Recycle

After drinking all kinds of drinks and ready meals, recycling bottles, cans, plastic containers, and leftover paper is necessary. So far, you are familiar with 5 ways to take care of god’s creation. You will get acquainted with other tips care for god’s creation lesson plans in the following.

6. save energy

Try to use better windows and doors for your home. Because it can save energy for your home, in addition to reducing the energy costs of your home or workplace, you will also achieve the goal of caring for God’s creation. You will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change by saving energy.

7. buy a local farm or garden

Try to buy a local farm or garden and grow fresh and healthy food on it. There are many benefits to doing this and caring for God’s creation. Because you will benefit from healthier foods, you can even help people in need and increase your sense of altruism towards them.

8. reduce air pollution

Ask government officials to pass laws to reduce air pollution. Although there are many social norms regarding the conservation of natural resources and Care for God’s creation, rules can be more effective. Every year, we see a lot of international efforts to fight climate change, protect the environment, and improve energy efficiency. But laws can help encourage people to use renewable energy.

Childhood touching solar panels
Childhood touching solar panels


In this article, we explain about Care for God’s creation. We hope that by reading this article, you will realize the importance of God’s creation, and you will be able to protect the environment more than before. We have outlined strategies that you can follow to better protect your environment and save a lot of money. Thank you for joining crystalthinker.



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