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social norms for women | 4 Gender roles and inspire significant changes

social norms for women
social norms for women
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Are you familiar with social norms for women? Have you studied in this field? Why are social norms important? Do we have to abide by all social norms? What are the usual consequences of breaking the norm? Do you have any information about female social norms examples and women breaking the norm in 1920? What actions did women take during this period? Have you read 10 examples of traditional gender roles in an article? Are you interested in reading examples of social norms?

The importance of the role of women in society

Women are pioneers in the development and growth of a nation. Women make up 50% of human resources and have many abilities and skills. Quality of life in the family depends on women’s roles and social norms. Women play various positions in the family, including being a spouse, leading the family in multiple matters, being a mother, and sometimes house managers. Have you ever considered changing gender roles in society?

social norms for women at work
social norms for women at work

Definition of social norms

Social norms are social rules that exist explicitly and implicitly. We pay attention to them in our relationships with other people and try to abide by them as much as possible. Social norms somehow determine our expectations of appropriate behavior from other people and gender norms in society. We also find out what others in the community or groups expect of us.

For example, many people in different countries have learned from childhood to shake hands when greeting someone and to greet them.

You are probably familiar with examples of different social norms that people in other countries accept. For instance, we maintain a certain distance from other people and other things.

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social norms for women at a friendly party
social norms for women at a friendly party

Definition of gender norms

But now, you should know that gender norms like social norms for women are a subset of social norms. Even if you search in early civilizations, you will find that certain social norms have always existed for men and women.

So we have to say that both sexes’ known masculinity and femininity characteristics form gender stereotypes.

You must have encountered various stereotypes in society, such as women’s interest in clothes and men’s interest in cars. But you should know that gender stereotypes are not necessarily true. Gender stereotypes are simply the mass beliefs of people about the gender of men and women.

Gender stereotypes and psychological test results

Various tests of social norms have shown that many participants in multiple tests tended to reject gender stereotypes. But data and evidence show that there are gender expectations in people. For example, many of us think about social norms for women that women are more emotional and men are better at teaching more complex subjects like physics.

social norms for women and the emotional nature of women
social norms for women and the emotional nature of women

What is sexual identity, and how is it different from biological gender?

We first define biological sex. Biological gender is, in fact, our definite gender at birth. Genitals, chromosomes, hormones, and body hair determine biological sex.

In this way, we can say that most people are either men or women. Some people are heterosexual and have been so since birth. The sexual characteristics of these people do not correspond to being a man or being a woman.

Gender identity, however, depends on each person’s psychological sense. That is, gender identity is what we feel we are.

Being a woman or being a man is known in different societies and these two types refer to a person’s biological gender.

But you may encounter people in the community who describe themselves differently. Please do not be surprised in such a case because everyone’s gender identity is their own. You should never forget that it is essential to respect the sexual identity of people.

4 Examples of gender roles in society

If you have read the article well, you must be familiar with sexist social norms.

In general, there is a link between gender roles and harmful stereotypes.

These gender stereotypes deal with girls’ and boys’ behavior, appearance, and feelings, and we often see breaking gender norms in different societies. Because many people are always looking for how social norms affect gender equality, in the following, we will deal with examples of traditional gender roles to get acquainted with the types of basic gender stereotypes that exist in communities and groups.

1. Personality characteristics

For example, there are general expectations and social norms for women to be emotional. Men, on the other hand, are expected to be less emotional. Even in many societies, being aggressive is considered a desirable sexist social norm for men.

social norms for women and Personality characteristics
social norms for women and Personality characteristics

2. Doing housework

In many social norms of different countries and societies, we see social norms for women who take care of children and check their children’s educational status.

It is interesting to know that one of the examples of traditional gender roles of men is to take care of finances. In case of any problem with the house’s furniture, they should immediately start working and even repair the car. Also, cooking and housekeeping are among the social norms of women.

social norms for women and doing housework
social norms for women and doing housework

3. Find a job or study in specific fields.

It is usually permissible for men and women to study most disciplines in different societies. But in some countries, being a teacher or a nurse is recognized as a suitable job for women. Such social norms for women make them unable to work in disciplines such as

Piloting, medicine, and other engineering disciplines achieve significant success.

Men are usually encouraged to study in these fields.

social norms for women and study in specific fields
social norms for women and study in specific fields

4. The appearance of the body and face

When we search for social norms for women, we find that the length and beauty of women’s hair are among the most common social norms in different societies. You may be interested to know that in some countries, such as Egypt, makeup for women had a religious aspect in the past. But today, there is makeup a social norm for women.

social norms for women and appearance of the body and face
social norms for women and appearance of the body and face

Some men may also be interested in long hair, but sexist social norms

The creature makes them keep their hair short. Even in some countries, breaking gender norms involves men having long hair. You should know about the appearance of men, tall and muscular bodies as sexist social norms.


In this article, we explained social norms for women. We hope you find the content we have collected helpful and that you share it with other friends. We are also active on various social networks such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. We ask you to follow us to enjoy the short but valuable tips we express on social networks.


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