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What spirituality lies behind the story of God’s creation

God's creation
God's creation
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What stories have you heard about God’s creation? Do you know about Adam and Eve being expelled from heaven? Do you know who caused this sad story?

Do you know about the creation of the first woman named Eve? Do you know why her name was called Eve?

We all know that God created everything. He is the one who made everything proceed in perfect harmony. After completing man, creation reached a high level, and God considered the man his supreme creature and named him in this way.

Genesis book, the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament, describes God’s world creation. The book also records the early history of humanity, the ancestors of Israel, and the origins of the Jewish people.

The story of creation and its reminders

When we encounter the stories of God’s creation, we realize God’s boundless love for His creatures, especially man. Psalms rejoice that God has given human beings a high status. He acknowledges that man was created in a position slightly lower than God and has a crown of glory.

Sometimes the question may be asked or formed in your mind why it is essential to study the creation of the world by God?

Have good information from God because this information is the basis for the rest of the Bible. Finding the cause of everything in this world is exciting and meaningful. 

The story of creation and its reminders
The story of creation and its reminders

How can we appreciate God’s creation and take care of His creatures?

The question that often arises in many people’s minds is what we can do to take care of God’s creatures?

You do not need to do hard work to save God’s creatures; you need to take small and conscious steps in your daily life. All the small but effective actions you take can help you think about the root causes of God’s creation and positively impact the environment.

Many simple tasks, such as composting waste and food consumed daily, recycling the equipment we use daily, and reducing animal slaughter to provide meat for various foods, can sustain the existence and help reduce pollution. In this way, we will appreciate the creation of God and all the creatures that He has created, and we will minimize the amount of carbon production.

The Creation of the Animals
The Creation of the Animals

The fascinating story of creation and its hierarchy

God first created the heavens and the earth. At first, the world had no particular shape and was in absolute darkness.

 Then the Spirit of God moved upon the waters, and God created the light, and the morning came, and the light separated him from the darkness.

Light is one of the first creations of God.

Thus light, meaning day and darkness, appeared in the form of night. God created the first night and day. God placed a star amid the waters to separate the waters.

After God created the heavens, He separated the waters below the sky from the waters above the sky and separated them. He called the heavens paradise, and the night and morning of the second day came into being.

God gathered the waters under the sky in one place, and the lands were separated from the waters. These lands were called land and were formed by water at one point in the seas. Grass grew on land, and seeded plants and even fruit-bearing trees grew there.

The birth of Eve
The birth of Eve

God’s creation and creation of days and seasons

The third night and day arose. God placed lights in the sky to determine the day from the night. In this way, the seasons and the days and the years came into being.

The creation of God and the result of the moon and the shining sun

Then God created two great lights. The sun provided the light of day and moon. Next to the moon were stars that provided night light. He replaced these large lights and lamps in the sky to determine the light of the earth well.

Creation of birds

The night and morning of the fourth day arose, and God placed living creatures in the waters. He also created birds to fly over the earth in the sky.

God placed living and diverse beings in the great seas. Males and females were both present in the water.

He also created male and female winged birds.

He empowered sea creatures and birds to fill and reproduce in seawater. It also gave birds the ability to produce, both on earth and in the heavens.

The Creation
The Creation

The fifth day and the creation of animals

Night and morning came on the fifth day. On the fifth day, God decided to fill the earth with other living things, thus creating cattle, reptiles, and other animals on earth in male and female.

God ultimately created man to be his likeness. According to God’s creation, man dominated the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the cattle, and all living things. God’s design for man was also in the form of male and female.

It also placed the power of fertility and reproduction in humans to fill the earth.

God also placed the power of fertility in the seeds of plants to multiply on the earth. He also created fruit trees to grow and multiply rapidly.

In addition to plants for human consumption, he also made various plants intending to provide animal feed. God placed life in all the animals and reptiles on earth and all the birds in the sky. God’s creation was excellent, and the sixth day and night came into being.

Heaven and God’s Creation

 God completed the creation of the world on the seventh day. God’s creation 7 days shows us that God could create a unique world in 7 days. On the seventh day, God finished the world’s creation and rested on this day.

The creation of Adam and Eve
The creation of Adam and Eve

Stories of human creation

God created man from dust and breathed in man’s nose to live and be able to live (Schwartz, 2007).

In general, there are two stories about God’s creation of man. The first story is that God created man in his image and the form of man and woman together. The second story also refers to the kind of creation of God that we have described to you. That is, God created man from dust, blew in his nostrils, and he had a living soul, and he was commanded not to obey the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In the following, we will give a complete description of this story. 

According to Isidore, the man was created from the soil for this reason and is called humus.

In the garden he had created in the east of heaven, God placed a man called the man and created an attractive and beautiful tree. God also made a stream in Paradise to irrigate the garden.

God commanded man to eat all kinds of fruits from every tree in this garden, but you should not eat from any good or bad tree. If you eat fruit from this tree, your life will end (Wolde, 1994).

After God found Adam alone on earth, he placed all the cattle and birds of the sky and animals on the planet and beside him, but their presence was not very helpful to Adam. God put Adam into a deep sleep, created the woman from Adam’s rib, and sent him to her.

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Meet Adam and Eve for the first time

In this way, Adam met the woman and realized that she was made from bones and flesh like himself. The man and woman were without any clothes. But the two did not feel ashamed of their nakedness.

During God’s creation, the serpent was wiser than the other animals in the desert and asked the woman, “Has God told you not to eat the fruit of the garden trees?”

The creation of man
The creation of man

Snake and Eve Conversation

The woman replied to the serpent, “God has given us permission to use the fruit of all the trees.” Except for the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. God has commanded us not to eat it or even to approach it because we will die.

But the snake replied to the woman: If you eat from that fruit tree, you will not die.

Instead, if you eat its fruit, you can distinguish between good and evil gods.

 After hearing the snake, the woman approached the tree and picked a fruit from it to use as food and to increase her knowledge, and to be able to distinguish between good and evil. But he did not eat the tree’s fruit alone but gave it to the man as well.

After eating the tree’s fruit forbidden by God, they realized that they were not dressed and naked. So they went to the fig tree’s leaves, sewed it together, and made clothes for themselves.

God’s conversation with Adam and Eve

Suddenly they heard the voice of God. God walked in the garden in cool weather, but Adam and his wife did not appear before God but hid among the trees in the park.

But God called Adam and asked him: Where are you?

Adam replied, “Lord, I heard your voice in the garden, and because I was naked, I hid among the trees in the garden.”

After hearing this sentence, God asked Adam, “Who told you that you are naked?” Did you eat fruit from the forbidden tree?

And Adam answered the woman, and said unto her, Give me the fruit of the tree, and I will eat.

The woman pointed to the snake and said that she had deceived me and that I had eaten fruit from that forbidden tree.

God separating day from night
God separating day from night

Punish the snake for misleading Eve and Adam

God also cursed the serpent for all the cattle and animals of the desert. He created him to crawl on his stomach all day long and eat dirt.

Punishment of Eve and Adam and their expulsion from heaven

In this way, the grief of Adam and Eve increased a lot, and God told them that they would live in misery forever and give birth to children, and addressed the woman, saying that your husband will rule over you. He also said to Adam: “Because you obeyed your wife’s command and ate from the tree that I forbid you to eat, you will grieve all the days of your life, and from now on, you will have to eat the plants of the field.”

Adam named his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living things.

God covered Adam and Eve with linen.

He also drove the man out of the orchards and sent him to the land to cultivate there.

God’s creation of Eve was to bring comfort to Adam, but they both fell out of heaven and were expelled from heaven to earth. So overeating can be considered the first sin of man.

Who is God, and what do religions think about him?

In many religions, God’s way of creation is praised and considered the supreme being and creator.

 Usually, people think of God as omnipotent and omniscient, who is omnipresent and wants good for His servants. God is considered to be someone who has eternal and necessary existence. 

Different religions and religious ideas of God do not have a body.

Also, many religions do not consider gender specific to God. In theistic thoughts, the creation of God and characteristics such as his creator and the one who keeps the world are essential.

Deism also believes that although God is the creator of the universe, he is not the maintainer of the universe.

In the ideas of pantheism, God is considered the world itself, and atheism does not believe in God. Agnosticism also imagines the existence of God as unknown or unknown. At the core of all of God’s moral obligations is “the greatest being imaginable.”

Hymn to Creation
Hymn to Creation

What about the creation of God and the world for our children?

The complex logic of God’s creation will always confuse our children about how God Almighty is the universe and created us. So the only way He has made it possible for us is to teach our children to think clearly and logically about the world and God’s creation. In this way, they will tell the truth and can correctly distinguish lies. If our children think and argue, they will not be defenseless against the ambiguities expressed about the creation of God and the universe.

There are misconceptions about science and technology that will undermine our children’s faith in today’s world. Children should know that the value of science is very high, and many truths and creations of God can be clarified with science.

God’s creation will become more apparent and more understandable to human beings with knowledge. God wants us to learn science and thus get to know and understand him better.

If we use technology morally and correctly, we can enjoy what exists in the universe without harming nature.

We must teach our children that God’s creation is immense. Man’s duty to the unique composition of the universe is to thank, praise, use and obey him.



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