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ancient china | inventions, civilizations and important periods

ancient china
ancient china
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You are supposed to know more about ancient china one of the oldest ancient civilizations. Do you enjoy studying the history of countries and the formation of civilizations? Are you interested in learning about the lifestyle of people in ancient times? Join us in this article

General information about China

China is a country in East Asia. It is known as the largest country in Asia. It has the largest population among the nations of the world.

China occupies one-fourteenth of the land area, and we can say that China has the most considerable amount of land in East Asia.

To better understand the size of China, consider this comparison.

China is also larger than Russia and Canada, which are among the largest countries in the world. In general, we can say that China is almost as big as the whole of Europe.

unique culture and traditions

This magical country is famous for its unique culture, traditions, and ancient civilization.

When we talk about Chinese civilization, you have to imagine it is almost 5000 years old.

This country has many written records, but the first one dates back to the fourth millennium BC.

The formation and creation of ancient Chinese civilization are from the Huang Ho and Yangtze River basins. Ancient Chinese settled in these areas, and by performing various tasks such as agriculture, they were able to form the first cities of China and later became known as national unions.

Shang dynasty

You have probably studied the pre-imperial history of China, and you know that political power was unstable at that time. Religious leaders often held political power at the time. All empires had independent governors, and small provinces had independent powers and special rulers.

As you probably know, the Shang Dynasty was the most powerful of the three dynasties of that period.

But despite the incredible power of the Shang dynasty, it could not prevent civil wars. As a result of these civil wars, the Shang government eventually collapsed.

Why is China’s history unique?

As you know, and you know from historical reading texts, the history of China is not like the history of any country in the world. We must say that ancient china is very special and unique.

There are several reasons for this claim. When we speak of the uniqueness of ancient China, we mean the continuous evolution of cultural life and its belief systems and public institutions. These features distinguish Chinese civilization from other countries.

Beautiful and old roofs of Chinese houses
Beautiful and old roofs of Chinese houses

By reading historical books, you may be surprised by the formation of other civilizations and find them unique, and of course, this is quite obvious. We also agree with you that all cultures are unique.

But factors such as longevity, continuity, complexity, and China’s impact on other parts of the world have made that civilization extraordinary.

Examining ancient china in terms of longevity

If we want to study ancient China regarding longevity, we must say that this country is comparable only to Indian civilization. Indian civilization also has a long history dating back to ancient times.

However, this Indian civilization gradually disappeared. The cultures formed in this civilization on the Indian subcontinent remained very simple for thousands of years without any particular complexity. The Vedic age, for example, had these features.

But the civilization that emerged in the Ganges Valley in the middle of the first millennium was different. At that time, China was a thousand years old.

Continuity and creativity in ancient china

One of the main differences between Chinese and Western civilizations is the continuity of the two cultures.

Look at the ancient Chinese texts. You will find that things like bureaucracy, Confucius, ancestor worship, etc., continued until the early twentieth century, which are signs of China’s unbroken history.

Of course, we do not mean continuity in ancient China that you will not see dynamism and creativity in this country.

A high mountain next to a Chinese style building
A high mountain next to a Chinese style building

We must say with confidence that dynamism and creativity in China are undeniable. Those who have studied this country’s history know that China also enjoys a specific life while continuing its culture.

Although China has witnessed several social revolutions, from the late Tang to the Song era, the world has recognized China as the most dynamic place on earth.

Culture and literature ancient china

If we want to explain the culture and literature of ancient China, we must say that no civilization has as good literature as China.

As you know, the Chinese invented the printing industry much earlier than other countries. With the development and prosperity of the printing industry in ancient China, it became easier to publish and preserve historical books for a more extended period.

The Chinese initiative in the printing industry is a testament that there were always thinkers and scientists in ancient China. Many scholars of that period were also interested in philosophical topics.

The extent of the influence of ancient china

You may have noticed that Westerners consider their civilization to be by far the most influential civilization on the planet.

But you should know that they have only been able to make a profound impact in the last 500 years.

But Chinese civilization has always had a direct and enormous impact on East and Southeast Asia.

We can not deny China’s indirect but decisive influence over the whole of Eurasia. When the West was unaware of paper, the Chinese could invent and produce paper.

Very old papers with Chinese writing
Very old papers with Chinese writing

If you do more research on ancient China, you will find that the invention of essential tools by the Chinese took place many years ago.

For example, gunpowder or the compass and wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow are examples of critical Chinese inventions in ancient times.


In general, in this article, we introduced you to Shang in Yellow River valley. Shang is the cradle of Chinese civilization in ancient China.

As you know, Neolithic civilizations in ancient China also originated from various cultural centers along the Yellow River and the Yangtze.

It is essential to know that the Yellow River and Yangtze civilizations originated thousands of years before Shang.

China is an ancient country. Whenever we talk about this country, everyone always refers to its ancient civilization. (Underhill, 1995)

We hope you enjoy reading this article and share it with your friends so they can learn more about ancient China.


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  1. Chinese civilization has a rich culture, and Chinese social norms are famous worldwide. Among the achievements of this ancient civilization, we can mention silk, tea production, deep drilling, the compass, gunpowder, and the printing system.


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