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3 disadvantages of child marriage

disadvantages of child marriage
disadvantages of child marriage
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Does the phenomenon of early marriage frighten your daughters? Are you one of those who always research child marriage’s disadvantages? In this article, we explain this phenomenon and social norms. The more information you have about the disadvantages of child marriage, the more you can convince those around you to prevent your children from getting married early.

Child marriage laws around the World

You probably know from international studies and national laws against the marriage of girls under 18 around the world.

Because child marriage violates human rights, girls who experience early marriage will lack education and health.

Marriage under 18 makes it complicated for people to choose the right partner.

Causes of child marriage

Usually, children under 18 who get married live in poverty, and poverty will negatively affect girls’ health. Among the harmful effects of poverty on girls, we can mention the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. They may also develop cervical cancer or malaria or experience death due to weakness and inability to give birth.

Early marriage of girls leads to miscarriage, and babies or children born may be born or die prematurely.

When we face such harm, we realize the importance of policies and programs to prevent child marriage.

Child marriage debate

To prevent child marriage, all communities must be aware of the adverse effects of this type of marriage. Because by increasing awareness of the negative impact of this social phenomenon, early marriage of children can be largely prevented.

Families need education, and local and religious leaders must be aware of the harms of early marriage for girls. Parents must learn that girls can achieve great potential through education and employment.

disadvantages of child marriage and depression
disadvantages of child marriage and depression

How does child marriage affect health?

Fortunately, awareness of this issue is growing in developing countries. We constantly read about the critical and growing problem of HIV / AIDS among young people in scientific articles.

Child marriage has many health problems. One of the disadvantages of child marriage is the adoption of young girls, which leads to the mother’s death. As you know, it is challenging for children to grow up without a mother, and children will face many cultural, social, and even health problems.

Marriage of children under 18 years

Child marriage is a term that refers to children under 18 years of age. Child marriage is an old and universal tradition, and unfortunately, we still see this social phenomenon in many underdeveloped countries.

Of course, there are other terms for child marriage under 18, such as “early marriage” and “child bride.”

In many underdeveloped countries, girls marry young and may not even see their spouses before marriage. The parents of a girl and a boy decide to marry their children.

disadvantages of child marriage and its consequences
disadvantages of child marriage and its consequences

How does the UN define child marriage?

Since 1948, efforts by the United Nations and other international agencies to prevent child marriage have officially begun. If you have read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you have noticed that Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains conditions for marriage.

Therefore, people should have reached the legal age when they get married, and their marriage should be free and with their full consent.

So in any country where children are allowed to marry, that country has committed human rights violations.

Why child marriage is wrong?

1. Increasing the poverty cycle

90% of working women spend their income again at home to meet the needs of their family members. If families are aware of the disadvantages of child marriage, they will prevent their children from marrying at a young age.

Remember that marrying a girl as a child often means the end of her education.

In this way, he will not have much ability to gain financial independence. So one of the most important disadvantages of child marriage is ignoring a girl’s potential for financial freedom and starting a business.

When there is poverty in a society, parents encourage their children to marry early. As this cycle continues, the generation of poverty will increase, and illiterate girls and boys will remain unemployed.

The higher the youth unemployment and economic instability, the greater the norm breaking conflict and violence.

2. Increased incidence of HIV / AIDS

One of the main disadvantages of child marriage is the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and viruses such as HIV / AIDS because teenage girls with early marriage are more likely to get HIV.

Most men who marry teenage girls have had many sexual partners before and have experienced unprotected sex.

Girls who get married early usually do not have accurate information about sexual and reproductive health, so they are more likely to get HIV.

One of the reasons girls get HIV is their inability to negotiate safe sex with their husbands.

In these unfavorable circumstances, early marriage is considered a way to survive for low-sand girls.

disadvantages of child marriage and increase in diseases
disadvantages of child marriage and increase in diseases

3. Loss of opportunity for individual and social growth

Many girls can change the world and social norms, and if they are present in society, they can have a helpful presence.

Women in rural areas are responsible for agricultural operations, and they can best implement agricultural, energy, and environmental projects in their communities.

So the presence of women in society can lead to poverty and hunger in the world. One of the disadvantages of child marriage is that women will not have a job, so that they will turn to childbearing. Too many children in a family will hinder individual and social development and unprincipled upbringing.

disadvantages of child marriage and lack of cultural development
disadvantages of child marriage and lack of cultural development


Thank you for joining us in this article about the disadvantages of child marriage. We try to write about social, cultural, and historical issues on this website. If you are interested in reading articles about social norms, ancient civilization, and God’s creation, read our other articles and share them with your friends.

We would like to know your opinion on the disadvantages of child marriage. Has anyone in your family experienced early marriage? Please tell us what was the reason for this and what were the consequences of this decision?


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