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Which religion came first in the world?

religion first in the world
Which religion came first in the world
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Do you know how many religions are in the world? Which religion came first in the world? Which religion do you think was first born, introduced, and flourished in the world?

In your opinion, which religion came first in the world, Christianity or Islam? According to many researchers, Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.

How many religion in the world?

Historical sources and old religious books show that the roots and customs of Hinduism have reached more than 4000 years.

In this article, we are trying to answer this question, Which religion came first in the world?

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Which religion came first in the world and worship
Which religion came first in the world and worship

Is Hinduism older than Christianity?

Some people think that Christianity is the first religion that came into existence. In response to the question “Which religion came first in the world,” these people always say that Christianity was the first religion in the world.

But many scholars estimate that Hinduism dates back at least 4,000 years.

Do you know how popular Hinduism is? This religion has become the third most popular religion in the world, surpassing Christianity and Islam.

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Facts about Hinduism

Today, Hinduism has about 900 million followers. This religion is the third largest religion after Christianity and Islam.

It is no wonder that almost 95% of the world’s Hindus live in India. But you need to know that since this religion does not have a specific founder, it seems complicated to trace its origin and history.

Hinduism is a unique religion and is not like a single religion. Hinduism can be considered a collection of traditions and philosophies.

Now that you know which religion came first in the world? In the following, we discuss the beliefs of Hinduism and point out some of the basic concepts of this religion.

There were many religious beliefs in Hinduism. Did you know that Hinduism is known as a “way of life” or a “family of religions”? Until it is a single and organized religion?

Which religion came first in the world and Hinduism
Which religion came first in the world and Hinduism

What is Henotheism?

Most forms of Hinduism are Hinotheistic. But what does Hinotheist mean? Hinotheistic meaning they worship a single God. No, this God is “Brahman.” Hinotheists, however, still recognize other gods and goddesses. According to the opinion of Hinotheists, there are many ways to reach God.

What kind of beliefs are the teachings of Samsara Hindus? One of the most critical essential teachings of Hindu Samsara is the continuous cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. They also believe in karma. As you know, karma is the universal law of cause and effect.

Hinduism also believes in the soul.

According to this philosophy, living beings have souls, and the souls of all beings are a part of the supreme soul.

Who is Brahma?

Brahma is the god of Hindus. He is also known as the first god. If you look into Hindu historical sources like the Mahabharata, you will find that Brahma is ranked higher than other major Hindu gods like Shiva and Vishnu.

As we said, Brahma has a high position, so he has been mentioned less in beautiful myths. Like other gods in myths, he has not taken a human form and personality. Instead, it has more of an abstract or metaphysical aspect of a great God.

According to Hindu belief, Brahma created all living beings on earth. However, some legends place this responsibility on Daksha. Daksha is the son of Brahma.

This book compares the unrestrained woman to a burning fire. She is as sharp as a razor’s edge.

The pantheistic hymn Kutsayana Upanishad asserts that the soul of Brahman, the cosmic universe, or God, exists within every living being.

When they want to paint Brahma traditionally, they draw Brahma with four faces and arms.

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How many brahma temples are there in the world?

In ancient times, the worship of gods and goddesses became more familiar with the development of cities.

There are very few temples for Brahma worship in India. Pushkar is considered one of the most prominent Hindu temples for Brahma.

Other Hindu temples are in Asotra village, Balotra taluka in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. These temples are known as Kheteshwar Brahmadham Tirtha.

Which religion came first in the world and the Bible
Which religion came first in the world and the Bible

which religion is the oldest christianity, judaism or islam?

In the following, we will introduce you to different religions by mentioning history.

Jainism: 8 – 2 century BCE

Jainism is also an ancient Indian religion. This religion emerged in the sixth century BC.

The beliefs and traditions of this religion are similar to Hinduism and Buddhism. Jainism does not have a single faith for its followers.

Judaism: 9 – 5 century BCE

Moses officially founded Judaism. However, some historical books attribute Judaism to Abraham. Judaism has several scriptures, but the most important is the Torah.

Christianity: 6 BCE – c. 30 CE

Christianity began with the birth of Christ. Christianity was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. Christianity did not begin until Christ died and resurrection in 30 AD. Christ’s resurrection caused Christianity to separate from Judaism forever. Thus, Christianity is less than 2000 years old, and Judaism is an older religion.

Islam: 622 CE

One of the oldest religious beliefs formed by people is Islam. Two people named Abraham and Muhammad played a role in the formation and foundation of this ancient religion. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Buddhism are among the old beliefs mentioned in answer to the question “Which religion came first in the world.”

Which religion came first in the world and Islam
Which religion came first in the world and Islam

Conclusion of Which religion came first in the world in population

This article answered the question, “Which religion came first in the world.” We hope that getting to know old religions was interesting for you. Thank you for being with us and leaving comments for us.

In general, in the past, we have also dealt with ancient civilization issues and how cities and states. Do not miss reading them.


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