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ancient china civilization (essential civilizations, the Silk Road, and literature)

ancient china civilization
ancient china civilization
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Do you enjoy reading about ancient china civilization and early civilizations and monuments? Would you like to talk about the information you have about China’s history while attending a friendly gathering? Is it interesting for you to know how people lived and worked in the past? So join us in this article because we want to provide you with information about ancient china’s civilization. If this information is exciting and valuable for you, please share it with your friends.

What does the term civilization mean?

Civilization refers to the level of development in which people live together in peace.

Therefore, according to this definition of ancient civilization, we must say that civilizations were the first settled and stable societies that formed the basis of governments, nations, and subsequent empires.

A collection of sculptures of Chinese people
A collection of sculptures of Chinese people

Where were the first ancient societies formed? Do you know?

Studying the history books, we find the first civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt in the Middle East, in the region of the Indus Valley in present-day Pakistan and India.

Research on ancient Chinese civilization is delightful. You can quickly get good information about the formation of Chinese society in the Huang Hee Valley (Yellow River) by studying historical texts.

On the island of Crete in the Aegean Sea and Central America, we see civilizations with standard features.

In early and ancient civilizations, we see the formation of coexistence. This unification led to the formation of cities and record events requiring various writing forms in different societies. (Keightley, 1996)

The Chinese were one of the first civilizations to write. (Boltz, 1986)

Also, by studying the early civilizations, we will find that the making of pottery and metals led to the prosperity and improvement of their social life. Taming animals also allowed cultivating food and protecting themselves from wild animals and enemies. Social structures in early civilizations gradually became more complex, and different class systems emerged.

The Chinese-style building next to the creek
The Chinese-style building next to the creek

ancient china civilization and oldest culture

The oldest culture in the world is ancient China. If you search the root of the word China in historical books, you will find that the term originates from Sanskrit. Gradually, the name became popular through trade along the Silk Road. (Gernet et al., 1996)

Seres or Chinese word in Roman and Greek

The Romans and Greeks knew this country as “Seres.” Do you know why? And what does this word mean in Roman and Greek?

Seres means the land from which silk comes.

Information about the beginning of ancient Chinese civilization

3000 BC The Chinese settled in the Huang He Valley or Yellow River in northern China. At that time, the Chinese could invent or learn skills. These skills include pottery, wheel making, farm farming, and silk production.

Yellow River in China
Yellow River in China

But they were not yet ready to write and use metals.

The Shang Dynasty originated in ancient China between 1600-1046 BC.

There was a unique bureaucracy in the dynasty, including a king, the upper classes, the ordinary people, and the slave people. Yang was the capital of the Shang Dynasty at the time.

Some scholars’ research suggests that some travelers who traveled to Mesopotamia and Southeast Asia, to Huang Hee, or the Yellow River, may have contributed to the growth of ancient Chinese civilization because they taught Chinese farming techniques.

The reason for the importance of the Shang Dynasty in ancient china civilization

The Shang Dynasty was of particular importance in ancient China. Do you know the reason for that? Because it is the first dynasty to rule China that is available in historical texts. But this does not mean that other dynasties did not exist before.

The Shang Dynasty was known for its advances in mathematics, astronomy, works of art, and military technology and is of particular importance in Chinese history.

Built-in Chinese style
Built-in Chinese style

Zhou Dynasty and ancient china civilization

The Zhou Dynasty originated in ancient China in 1046-256 BC.

We can see the full flourishing of ancient In this dynasty, ancient china civilization flourished. Because during this period, the empire united, the middle class appeared. During this period, the Chinese learned how to use iron.

Also, in 551-479 BC, the sage Confucius created an ethical charter. This moral charter influenced Chinese thinking and culture for a long time to come.

Although the Zhou Dynasty dominated the Shang Dynasty, it is interesting to note that it had features in common with the Shang Dynasty. For example, the language and religion of these two dynasties are common.

ancient china civilization and the Silk Road

The Silk Road was not just an ordinary road. The China Silk Road was a network of trade routes. The Chinese built the Silk Road to connect China and the Far East to the Middle East and Europe. In 130 BC, when the Han Dynasty ruled China, China began trading with the West. Until 1453 AD, the Chinese always used the Silk Road for trade.

Long after, the Ottoman Empire imposed sanctions on China. Long after, the Ottoman Empire imposed sanctions on China. Thus, the Ottoman trade with China ended, and the Silk Road was closed.

The Chinese have been using the Silk Road for international trade for more than 600 years. But it is interesting to know that these routes had a lasting impact on business, culture, and history so that today people worldwide see the pin with its famous Silk Road.

The Silk Road in China
The Silk Road in China

ancient china civilization and literature of the Ming Dynasty

Studying the Ming Dynasty, we find that the spread of prosperity in China occurred during this dynasty. At that time, people were very fond of fiction and poetry. The Chinese especially valued stories written in colloquial language.

In the Ming era, we see many of the most well-known novels. Interestingly, the authors of famous works preferred to remain anonymous. It is a sign that they used pseudonyms to write their books and poems.


This article tried to provide you with interesting information about ancient china civilization. We always try to increase your awareness of the world’s societies and monuments. Don’t forget to read Japan’s ancient civilization article.

We have explained the ancient Chinese civilizations and their famous literature and provided information about the Silk Road. We hope you enjoy the content we provide for you on various social networks.


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