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workplace bullying – types of workplace harassment

workplace bullying
workplace bullying
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Do you know about workplace bullying? Have your relatives ever experienced workplace bullying? This article will explain this damage so you can learn more about this social problem by studying it.

What does workplace bullying mean?

Bullying in the workplace means harassment, insult, or social exclusion of employees, so these behaviors harm how employees perform their duties.

Bullying in the workplace is persistent abuse and aggression against others that results in physical or emotional harm to them. Workplace bullying includes various cases, including verbal, non-verbal, psychological, and physical harassment and humiliation.

This type of aggression has its complexities.

harassment in the workplace occurs when people in an organization repeatedly repeat one or a set of negative behaviors.

Suppose you experience harassment at work accompanied by harassment and violence that lasts for a specific period, such as a week or six months. In that case, you can call this harassment workplace bullying.

Be aware that anyone, regardless of their role at work, maybe bullied at work.

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what is the most common type of harassment?

We usually see bullies at school. But workplace bullies are often within the framework of the rules and policies set by their organization and community. In such cases, bullying in the workplace is usually done by someone with authority and power, and they bully someone less powerful. Of course, bullies may be the same age or even subordinates of an organization.

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problems of changing organizational culture

So far, researchers have done a lot of research on the effects of bullying on employees in the workplace. Bullying in the workplace may be covert or overt. In an organization, managers may notice bullying in the organization but ignore it. It is essential to know that the adverse effects of bullying in the workplace are not limited to one person. Instead, this unpleasant social phenomenon will lead to a decrease in employee morale and a change in organizational culture.

workplace bullying and stop this problem
workplace bullying and stop this problem

Effects of bullying in the workplace

The effect of a survey to measure bullying in the workplace show that 30% of workers have experienced bullying directly at work. You might think that people who work remotely are less likely to experience the negative social phenomenon of bullying in the workplace. But it is interesting to know that they also complained of bullying in this poll. People who work remotely also experience harassment and bullying in the workplace. This negative social phenomenon is not limited to people at work.

We all now know the harmful effects of bullying in the workplace on the health and well-being of employees. The negative impact of bullying in the workplace is also well known and reduces the productivity and performance of people in the workplace.

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workplace bullying and reduced productivity
workplace bullying and reduced productivity

Pay attention to the signs of bullying in the workplace

Role conflict can lead to inappropriate social behaviors, and a person constantly feels tired and frustrated. If bullying is bothering you at work and you can not fully enjoy the weekends, you may need to decide about continuing your work. You deserve to relax and enjoy the weekend, and you should enjoy being at work every day.

If one or more of these bullies is maltreating you at work, you should talk to your supervisor or boss.

10 most common workplace bullying

  1. Insult your character
  2. Being forced to do things you do not want to do
  3. When the supervisor ignores your efforts.
  4. Shame on you by others in front of your employer, co-workers, or clients
  5. Make an exception for the boss between you and your other co-workers
  6. Constant fear and stress
  7. Forcing to lie
  8. Have to talk about trivial matters
  9. Threatening or threatening others
  10. Unfair criticism of you
workplace bullying and mental disorders
workplace bullying and mental disorders

The experience of bullying at workplace

The experience of bullying in the workplace will have detrimental effects on our health. Therefore, avoid these situations as much as possible.

Research shows that workplace bullying has both personal and negative consequences for the company’s income because it directly reduces people’s productivity in the workplace. Here are the health risks of workplace bullying so you can take extra care of your health.

The effects of bullying are lasting at work and will not only affect you while you are at work but also cause you physical and psychological problems even after you are out of the workplace. People who experience bullying and bullying at work experience physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, and increased or decreased appetite.

Also, the quality and amount of sleep of these people will change.

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6 of the most common injuries caused by harassment in the workplace

The 6 most common physical and mental problems of this negative social phenomenon are:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Frequent wounds
  3. Mood swings
  4. Feeling scared and anxious
  5. Stress
  6. Worry
workplace bullying and ridicule by colleagues
workplace bullying and ridicule by colleagues

What behaviors does bullying involve in the workplace?

You may be wondering what behaviors include bullying in the workplace.

Be aware that any annoying comments or mockery of what you do at work are a form of workplace bullying.

You are in a group as an individual, so your beliefs and family, gender or race, culture or education, or economic background should never be ridiculed by your co-workers.

Many women complain of sexual harassment in the workplace. Such things as touching without your permission and explicit sexual requests that upset you are workplace bullying.

You are allowed to do your favorite things in the organization and attend the meetings that align with your work. So if you are not allowed to participate in such arrangements, you should inform your boss about this problem.

You should let your boss know if your co-workers constantly give you impossible things to do on time.

Do you need the information your co-workers do not provide you to do your job better? These conditions indicate that you are experiencing workplace bullying.

You must know that attacking or threatening equipment such as knives, guns, and clubs is illegal in the workplace, and no one is allowed to use these weapons.


In this article, we describe workplace bullying. You can share this article with your friends, so they know about the consequences of bullying in the workplace. We all need information about the social norms of groups at work or other public facilities such as school. We are happy for you to be with us, and we want to know your opinions so we can write better and more valuable articles for you.


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